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Theme 4 – Multiplication
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Mathematics – 4
About Lesson

 Theme 8: Decimals in Class 4 Math


Decimals are an extension of the place value system, introducing the concept of parts of a whole using a decimal point. In Class 4, students explore the basics of decimals, their representation, and their application in various mathematical operations.

  1. Understanding Decimals:

   –  Definition:  Recognizing decimals as numbers that include a decimal point, indicating a part of a whole.

   –  Place Value:  Understanding the place value of digits in decimals.

  1. Decimal Place Value:

   –  Tenths and Hundredths:  Identifying and understanding place values to the right of the decimal point.

   –  Comparing Decimals:  Learning to compare decimals based on place value.

  1. Reading and Writing Decimals:

   –  Reading Decimals Aloud:  Learning to read decimals correctly.

   –  Writing Decimals:  Expressing numbers as decimals in both standard and word form.

  1. Decimal Notation on the Number Line:

   –  Representation:  Placing decimals on a number line for visualization.

   –  Comparing Decimals on a Number Line:  Understanding the relative size of decimals.

  1. Adding and Subtracting Decimals:

   –  Column Addition and Subtraction:  Applying the same principles as whole numbers.

   –  Aligning Decimal Points:  Ensuring proper alignment when adding or subtracting decimals.

  1. Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers:

   –  Place Value Understanding:  Recognizing the effect of place value when multiplying decimals by whole numbers.

   –  Practical Examples:  Applying decimal multiplication to real-world scenarios.

  1. Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers:

   –  Understanding Division:  Applying division principles to decimals.

   –  Practical Applications:  Solving word problems involving division of decimals by whole numbers.

  1. Rounding Decimals:

   –  Rounding to the Nearest Tenth or Hundredth:  Understanding the concept of rounding decimals.

   –  Application in Real-Life Situations:  Rounding decimals in practical scenarios.

  1. Decimal Word Problems:

   –  Real-World Applications:  Solving word problems that involve decimal concepts.

   –  Critical Thinking:  Developing critical thinking skills in solving decimal-related problems.

  1. Practical Applications:

   –  Measurement and Money:  Recognizing the use of decimals in measurements and monetary values.

   –  Everyday Decimal Use:  Understanding the presence of decimals in everyday life.


The introduction to decimals in Class 4 expands students’ understanding of numbers and their applications. Through hands-on activities, visual aids, and practical problem-solving, students develop a strong foundation in working with decimals, setting the stage for more advanced mathematical concepts in subsequent grades.