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Theme 1 – Numeration
Theme 2 – Roman-Numerals
Theme 3 – Addition and Subtraction
Theme 4 – Multiplication
Theme 5 – Division
Theme 6 – Factors and Multiples
Theme 7 – Fractions
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Mathematics – 4
About Lesson

 Theme 3: Addition and Subtraction in Class 4 Math


Addition and subtraction are foundational operations in mathematics, essential for building strong numeracy skills. In Class 4, students deepen their understanding of these operations, exploring various strategies and solving real-world problems.

  1. Understanding Addition:

   –  Basic Addition Facts:  Mastering addition facts up to a certain sum.

   –  Number Line Addition:  Using a number line to visually represent and solve addition problems.

  1. Addition Strategies

   –  Regrouping (Carrying):  Learning to regroup when the sum of digits in a place value exceeds 9.

   –  Column Addition:  Understanding the vertical method of adding numbers.

  1. Word Problems:

   –  Problem-Solving Skills:  Applying addition to solve practical problems.

   –  Translating Words to Math:  Understanding how to translate verbal problems into mathematical expressions.

  1. Understanding Subtraction:

   –  Basic Subtraction Facts:  Mastering subtraction facts up to a certain difference.

   –  Number Line Subtraction:  Using a number line to visually represent and solve subtraction problems.


  1. Subtraction Strategies:

   –  Borrowing (Regrouping):  Learning to borrow when the minuend digit is smaller than the corresponding digit in the subtrahend.

   –  Column Subtraction:  Understanding the vertical method of subtracting numbers.

  1. Word Problems Involving Subtraction:

   –  Real-Life Scenarios:  Solving word problems that require subtraction.

   –  Critical Thinking:  Developing critical thinking skills in selecting the appropriate subtraction strategy.

  1. Mixed Operations:

   –  Combining Addition and Subtraction:  Solving problems that involve both addition and subtraction within the same context.

   –  Order of Operations:  Understanding the sequence in which operations should be performed.

  1. Estimation:

   –  Rounding for Estimation:  Using rounding to estimate sums and differences.

   –  Practical Application:  Applying estimation skills to real-world problems.

  1. Two-Digit and Three-Digit Numbers:

   –  Adding and Subtracting Larger Numbers:  Extending addition and subtraction skills to two-digit and three-digit numbers.

   –  Place Value Understanding:  Applying knowledge of place value to perform operations.

  1. Mental Math Techniques:

   –  Strategies for Mental Calculation:  Developing mental math skills for quick and efficient calculations.

   –  Practicing Number Facts:  Memorizing and recalling basic addition and subtraction facts.


In Class 4 Math, the focus on addition and subtraction goes beyond basic arithmetic. Students learn multiple strategies, apply these operations to solve word problems, and extend their skills to larger numbers. Emphasis is placed on building a strong foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts in the future.