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Theme 02: Machines as Force Multipliers
Theme 03: Work, Energy and Power
Theme 04: Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces
Theme 05: Refraction through Lenses and Dispersion of Light
Theme 06: Sound
Theme 07: Current Electricity
Theme 08: Magnetic Effects of Current – Electromagnetism
Theme 09: Heat
ICSE Physics – 10
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Welcome to Class 10 Physics! In this course, we will embark on a thrilling journey through the captivating world of physics. Our first theme, “Force, Turning Force, Centre of Gravity, and Uniform Circular Motion,” sets the stage for an exploration of fundamental principles that govern the physical world.

Theme 01: Force, Turning Force, Centre of Gravity, and Uniform Circular Motion

– Force: We begin with the very essence of physics – force. We will delve into the concept of force, learn about its various types, and understand how it influences the motion and equilibrium of objects. From contact forces to non-contact forces, you will discover the hidden forces that shape our world.

– Turning Force: You will explore the intriguing dynamics of turning force, moments, and the application of these principles in everyday scenarios. Understand the relationship between forces, distances, and the pivotal Principle of Moments.

– Centre of Gravity: Unlock the concept of the center of gravity, a point within an object where its weight can be considered to act. This concept is crucial in understanding the stability and equilibrium of objects.

– Uniform Circular Motion: Dive into the fascinating world of objects moving in uniform circular motion. Discover the forces that keep them in their circular paths, such as centripetal and centrifugal forces. This theme paves the way for understanding the motion of planets, satellites, and much more.

Throughout this theme and the entire course, we will not only learn the principles of physics but also explore their real-world applications. Physics is the science that underlies the mechanics of our universe, and our journey will uncover the beauty and intricacy of these fundamental laws.

Get ready to embrace the world of forces, turning moments, and the intriguing dance of objects in uniform circular motion. Welcome to Class 10 Physics, where we unravel the mysteries of the physical world, one theme at a time!

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