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Theme 02: Machines as Force Multipliers
Theme 03: Work, Energy and Power
Theme 04: Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces
Theme 05: Refraction through Lenses and Dispersion of Light
Theme 06: Sound
Theme 07: Current Electricity
Theme 08: Magnetic Effects of Current – Electromagnetism
Theme 09: Heat
ICSE Physics – 10
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Welcome to Class 10 Physics! In this course, we are about to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of electricity and its fundamental principles. Our focus for this segment is “Theme 07: Current Electricity.”

Theme 07: Current Electricity

– Electricity: We kick off with a fundamental understanding of electricity. You will explore the concepts of conductors and insulators, gaining insight into what allows electric current to flow.

– Potential due to a Charge: Delve into the concept of electric potential and how it relates to charges. Learn how charges can create potential differences in electric circuits.

– Electric Current: Unravel the mysteries of electric current, the flow of electric charges in motion. Understand how the movement of electrons contributes to the phenomenon of current.

– Electromotive Force (EMF) and Terminal Voltage: Discover the crucial concepts of EMF and terminal voltage, essential for understanding electrical circuits and devices.

– Internal Resistance of a Cell: Explore the inner workings of cells and batteries, including their internal resistance, which affects their performance.

– Electric Circuits and Circuit Diagrams: Gain proficiency in reading and drawing circuit diagrams, a visual representation of electrical circuits.

– Ohm’s Law and Resistance: Delve into Ohm’s Law and learn how it governs the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance. Explore different types of conductors, including ohmic conductors, non-ohmic conductors, and the intriguing world of superconductors.

– Resistance and Resistivity: Study the fundamental properties of electrical resistance and resistivity in conductors. Understand how these factors affect the flow of electricity.

– Combination of Resistances: Discover how resistors can be combined in series and parallel to create various circuit configurations.

– Electrical Energy and Electrical Power: Explore the concepts of electrical energy and power, crucial in understanding the consumption and billing of electricity.

– Heating Effect of Current: Learn how electric currents can generate heat and their applications in devices like heaters.

– Generation of Electricity: Understand the methods and principles behind the generation of electrical power, whether through generators, batteries, or other sources.

– Electricity Used at Home – Domestic Electric Circuits: Gain insights into the electrical circuits that power our homes and how they are designed for various appliances and devices.

– The Electric Fuse – A Safety Device: Learn about the electric fuse, a critical safety device that protects electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits.

– The Electrical Switches: Explore the role of electrical switches in controlling the flow of electricity to devices and lighting.

– Earthing of Electrical Appliances: Understand the concept of earthing and how it is essential for safety in electrical systems.

– Wiring of Household Circuits: Study the different wiring systems used in households, such as the tree system and the ring system.

– Hazards of Electricity and Safety in Its Use: Discover the potential dangers associated with electricity and the safety measures to prevent accidents.

Throughout this theme, we will not only delve into the theoretical aspects of electricity but also explore practical applications in everyday life. Electricity is an integral part of our modern world, and understanding its principles is crucial for both knowledge and safety.

So, get ready to illuminate your mind with the wonders of current electricity. Welcome to Class 10 Physics, where we electrify your understanding of the physical world, one theme at a time!

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