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Theme 1- Memory and Storage Devices
Theme 2 – Working in Windows
Theme 3 – Editing text in word
Theme 4 – Formatting text in word
Theme 5 – Introducing to PowerPoint
Theme 6 – Creating Presentation
Theme 7 – More on Scratch
Theme 8 – Internet
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**Theme 3: Editing Text in Word**

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing software widely used for creating and editing documents. Learning how to efficiently edit text in Word is essential for various academic and professional tasks.

**1. Opening and Creating Documents:**
– **Creating a New Document:** Starting a new project.
– **Opening an Existing Document:** Accessing previously saved files.

**2. Basic Text Editing:**
– **Typing and Inserting Text:** Adding and editing content.
– **Selecting Text:** Highlighting text for editing or formatting.

**3. Formatting Text:**
– **Font Styles and Sizes:** Changing the appearance of text.
– **Bold, Italics, Underline:** Emphasizing or styling text.

**4. Copy, Cut, and Paste:**
– **Copying Text:** Duplicating selected text.
– **Cutting Text:** Removing and storing text for later use.
– **Pasting Text:** Placing copied or cut text into a new location.

**5. Alignment and Line Spacing:**
– **Text Alignment:** Adjusting text to the left, right, center, or justified.
– **Line Spacing:** Controlling the space between lines.

**6. Bullets and Numbering:**
– **Creating Lists:** Making information organized and easy to read.
– **Customizing Bullet Points and Numbers:** Personalizing list styles.

**7. Undo and Redo:**
– **Undoing Changes:** Reverting to the previous state.
– **Redoing Changes:** Reapplying undone actions.

**8. Find and Replace:**
– **Finding Text:** Locating specific words or phrases.
– **Replacing Text:** Substituting one word or phrase with another.

**9. Spell Check and Grammar:**
– **Spell Check:** Identifying and correcting spelling errors.
– **Grammar Check:** Addressing grammatical issues.

**10. Saving and Printing Documents:**
– **Saving Work:** Preserving documents for future access.
– **Printing Documents:** Producing hard copies when necessary.

Proficiently editing text in Microsoft Word is a valuable skill for effective communication and document creation. Understanding the basics of text entry, formatting, and document management empowers users to create polished and professional-looking documents for various purposes.