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Class 4 – Computer Studies Course Introduction

There are many online and offline certificate programs in Computer courses. Nowadays online Computer courses certifications are very trending and their popularity is increasing day by day. In the world of digitalization, pursuing a computer course is very beneficial. The various topics covered in a computer course syllabus include computer fundamentals, MS Office, programming languages, etc.

This course is designed to develop students’ computer literacy, keyboarding skills and to meet the needs of students in the associate degree programs and technical certificate programs. The student will learn from hands-on experiences basic skills in file management utilities, word processing, spreadsheets, and graphical presentations in the Windows environment.

Course Overview:
Welcome to the Class 4 Computer Studies course! This course is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of computers, technology, and digital literacy. Throughout the academic year, students will explore various topics that lay the foundation for understanding and using technology in a meaningful way.

Course Objectives:
1. Introduction to Basic Computer Skills:
– Familiarize students with fundamental computer hardware components and their functions.
– Teach essential keyboard and mouse skills for efficient interaction with computers.

2. Digital Literacy:
– Develop an understanding of the importance of digital literacy in today’s world.
– Introduce students to safe and responsible online behavior.

3. Software Exploration:
– Learn the basics of popular software applications, including word processing and presentation tools.
– Explore creative and educational software to enhance digital skills.

4. Programming Fundamentals:
– Introduce basic programming concepts through visual programming languages like Scratch.
– Encourage problem-solving and logical thinking through simple coding exercises.

5. Internet Basics:
– Provide an overview of the Internet, its uses, and basic navigation skills.
– Emphasize online safety and responsible Internet use.

Course Structure:
1. Term 1: Introduction to Computers and Basic Skills
– Understanding computer components and their functions.
– Introduction to keyboard and mouse skills.
– Basic file management and organization.

2. Term 2: Digital Literacy and Software Applications
– Exploring the concept of digital literacy.
– Introduction to word processing and basic document formatting.
– Creating simple presentations using software tools.

3. Term 3: Introduction to Programming (Scratch)
– Basics of coding using visual programming language Scratch.
– Simple animation and game development exercises.

4. Term 4: Internet Basics and Online Safety
– Introduction to the Internet and its uses.
– Learning safe and responsible online behavior.
– Exploration of educational online resources.

– Continuous assessments through class activities, quizzes, and small projects.
– Mid-term and end-of-term evaluations to gauge overall understanding.
– Participation in practical exercises and group projects.

– Textbooks and supplementary materials.
– Access to computer labs and relevant software.
– Online resources for further exploration.

The Class 4 Computer Studies course aims to provide students with a solid foundation in computer literacy, digital skills, and an introduction to programming. It’s our goal to empower students to navigate the digital world confidently, responsibly, and creatively. Get ready for an exciting journey into the realm of technology!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Students are getting involved in the field of information technology to enhance their learning differently.
  • It has reinforced the efficiency in the education sector.
  • Information Technology (IT) strengthens the economic and social change that transforms the economy and society.
  • Helps to Enhance Individual Learning
  • Information technology provides students with a board range of accessible resources that can help them to intensify their consciousness and realization.
  • Helps Students to Learn Useful Life Skills
  • Information Technology Enables Vocational Skills

Course Content

Theme 1- Memory and Storage Devices

Theme 2 – Working in Windows

Theme 3 – Editing text in word

Theme 4 – Formatting text in word

Theme 5 – Introducing to PowerPoint

Theme 6 – Creating Presentation

Theme 7 – More on Scratch

Theme 8 – Internet

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