Course Content
Theme – 1. Wild Animals | Animals and Plants
Theme – 2. Beautiful Birds | Animals and Plants
Theme – 3. Our Beautiful Earth – Our Home
Theme – 4. Paws and Wings – Needs Of Animals
Theme – 5. Go Green – Types of Plants
Theme – 6. Food From Plants
Science – Level 2
About Lesson

Course Introduction: Lower Nursery Science – Exploring the World of Wild Animals, Animals, and Plants

Welcome to the exciting world of Lower Nursery Science! In this course, we embark on a thrilling journey to discover the wonders of nature, focusing on the captivating realm of wild animals, animals, and plants. Our little scientists will explore the fascinating diversity of life that surrounds us, laying the foundation for a lifelong curiosity about the natural world.

Course Overview:

1. Introduction to Nature’s Playground:
– We start by introducing the concept of nature and its wonders.
– Engage young minds in understanding the beauty of the environment around them.

2. Wild Animals:
– Dive into the realm of wild animals, learning about creatures that roam our planet.
– Explore their habitats, behaviors, and unique characteristics.
– Spark curiosity through captivating stories and visual aids.

3. Domestic Animals:
– Familiarize childen with the animals that share our homes and farms.
– Understand the role of domestic animals in our daily lives.

4. Plants – Nature’s Green Symphony:
– Transition to the magical world of plants, discussing their importance and diversity.
– Learn about different parts of plants and their functions.

5. The Circle of Life:
– Delve into the interconnectedness of animals and plants in the ecosystem.
– Discover the significance of maintaining balance in nature.

Teaching Approach:
– Hands-on Activities: Engage in interactive and age-appropriate experiments to stimulate learning.
– Storytelling: Weaving educational narratives to make concepts relatable and enjoyable.
– Visual Aids: Utilize vibrant visuals to enhance understanding and retention.
– Outdoor Exploration: Encourage field trips or outdoor activities to connect with nature firsthand.

Learning Outcomes:
– Develop an early appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the natural world.
– Foster a sense of curiosity and observation skills.
– Build a foundation for understanding the interconnectedness of living organisms.

– Informal observation of participation in class activities.
– Simple quizzes and games to reinforce key concepts.
– Group projects and presentations for collaborative learning.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Lower Nursery Science! Together, let’s ignite the spark of scientific curiosity in our young explorers as they uncover the mysteries of wild animals, animals, and plants.