Course Content
Theme – 1. Wild Animals | Animals and Plants
Theme – 2. Beautiful Birds | Animals and Plants
Theme – 3. Our Beautiful Earth – Our Home
Theme – 4. Paws and Wings – Needs Of Animals
Theme – 5. Go Green – Types of Plants
Theme – 6. Food From Plants
Science – Level 2
About Lesson

Course Introduction:

Welcome to Lower Nursery Science – an exciting journey into the world of plants and the wonderful role they play in providing us with food. In this course, we will delve into the captivating topic of “Food From Plants” where young minds will explore the fascinating realm of how plants contribute to our daily meals.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Plant Parts and Functions
– Understand the basic structure of plants.
– Explore the different parts of a plant and their functions.
– Identify the role of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits in plant growth.

Module 2: Seeds and Germination
– Discover the magic of seeds and how they give rise to new plants.
– Explore the process of germination and the factors that influence it.
– Engage in hands-on activities to observe seed development and growth.

Module 3: Types of Plants
– Learn about different types of plants, such as trees, shrubs, and herbs.
– Understand the diversity of plant life and their unique characteristics.
– Explore the environments in which various plants thrive.

Module 4: Plants We Eat
– Identify common plants that we consume as food.
– Understand the concept of edible parts of plants.
– Explore the nutritional value of different plant-based foods.

Module 5: The Journey of Food from Plants to Table
– Trace the journey of food from the farm to our tables.
– Learn about the process of cultivation, harvesting, and distribution.
– Understand the importance of sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Module 6: Fun with Plants
– Engage in exciting and interactive activities related to plants.
– Conduct simple experiments to observe plant growth and development.
– Foster a love for nature and plants through games and creative projects.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, Lower Nursery students will:
– Develop a basic understanding of plant anatomy and functions.
– Recognize the significance of different plant parts in our daily lives.
– Comprehend the germination process and the importance of seeds.
– Differentiate between various types of plants and their unique features.
– Identify common plants that contribute to our food supply.
– Gain insight into the journey of food from plants to the table.
– Cultivate a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.

Get ready for a hands-on, immersive experience as we embark on this exciting exploration of “Food From Plants” in Lower Nursery Science.