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Certainly! Here’s a course summary for Theme 02: Addition & Subtraction in Class 1 Math:

Theme 02: Addition & Subtraction

Theme 02 is all about building a strong foundation in addition and subtraction, two fundamental mathematical operations. Students will develop a deep understanding of these operations through hands-on activities, visual aids, and practical examples.

Key Learning Objectives

1. Understanding the Basics: Students will learn what addition and subtraction mean and how to differentiate between the two operations. They will grasp the concept that addition combines quantities, while subtraction takes away or separates quantities.

2. Number Facts: Building number facts is crucial for mental math. Students will practice addition and subtraction facts within a given number range, improving their fluency and accuracy.

3. Practical Application: Students will apply addition and subtraction in real-life situations, such as solving word problems, counting objects, and working with money. This makes the concepts more relatable and useful.

4. Problem Solving: The course will focus on developing problem-solving skills. Students will learn how to identify the correct operation (addition or subtraction) for various situations and apply it effectively to solve problems.

5. Number Line: The number line is introduced as a valuable tool for understanding addition and subtraction. Students will use the number line to visualize and solve mathematical problems.

Students will be assessed through quizzes, worksheets, and real-world application tasks. The assessment will gauge their ability to perform addition and subtraction, apply the correct operation in problem-solving, and use the number line effectively.

Practical Activities:

1. Counting and Adding Objects: Students will count objects and add them together. For example, counting apples or toys and adding the numbers.

2. Subtraction with Objects: Students will use objects to understand subtraction by removing or separating quantities.

3. Word Problems: Solving word problems that involve addition and subtraction, such as “If you have 5 candies and eat 2, how many do you have left?”

4. Number Line Practice: Using a number line to visualize and solve addition and subtraction problems.

By the end of Theme 02, students will have a solid grasp of addition and subtraction. They will be able to perform these operations accurately, solve simple mathematical problems, and apply them in various real-life scenarios. They will also be well on their way to becoming confident and proficient problem solvers in the world of mathematics.