ICSE Chemistry – 6
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Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one is a kind of matter :
(a) light
(b) Petroleum
(c) sound
(d) heat

2. The state of matter which has no definite shape or volume is called
(a) solid
(b) liquid
(c) Gas
(d) water

3. There are large inter molecular gaps in
(a) water
(b) iron ball
(c) Common salt.
(d) Air

4. All kinds of matter
(a) occupy space and have a definite mass
(b) have mass and a definite shape
(c) can change their states
(d) have a definite volume

5. A kind of matter which can sublime is
(a) water
(b) plastic
(c) milk
(d) iodine

6. A substance which can change its state
(a) wood
(b) oxygen
(c) paper
(d) cloth

7. The process by which a solid changes into a liquid is called
(a) freezing
(b) melting
(c) condensation
(d) evaporation

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