Computer – 2
About Lesson

Course Introduction – “More About Keyboard” (Class 2 Computer Course)

Welcome to our Class 2 Computer Course, where young learners embark on an exciting journey to discover more about the keyboard! In this engaging theme, “More About Keyboard,” we delve into the world of typing and digital interaction.

What to Expect:

1. Special Keys Exploration: We’ll uncover the secrets of those special keys on the keyboard. From function keys to the magical “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys, students will learn how to use them effectively. These keys hold the power to perform specific actions and make the computer do amazing things!

2. More Keyboard Know-How: Building upon the basics, students will gain a deeper understanding of the entire keyboard layout. They’ll become familiar with letter keys, number keys, and various symbols. We’ll also cover tips and tricks for efficient typing.

Why It Matters:

The keyboard is a gateway to the digital world. Proficiency in keyboard use is an essential skill for computer users of all ages. Whether it’s typing school assignments, sending emails, or playing educational games, a strong foundation in keyboard skills is invaluable.

Skills Developed:

– Typing Skills: Students will become more adept at using the keyboard for typing words and numbers.
– Computer Literacy: Understanding the keyboard is a fundamental aspect of becoming computer literate.
– Confidence: As they become more comfortable with the keyboard, students will grow in confidence when using a computer.

Our “More About Keyboard” theme sets the stage for improved computer proficiency and digital communication skills. Join us in this exciting journey as your child becomes more confident and skilled in using this essential tool!