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Theme- 1. Sentence
Theme- 2. Pronouns
Theme- 3. Comprehension
Theme- 4. Composition (Paragraph & Essay writing)
Theme- 5. Letter Writing
English Grammar – 4
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Certainly! Here’s a course summary for Theme 1: “Sentence” in a Class 4 English Grammar curriculum:

Theme 1: Sentence

In this theme, students in Class 4 explore the fundamental concept of sentences, which are the building blocks of communication. This theme provides a solid foundation for understanding how language is structured and used in written and spoken communication.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding Sentences: Students learn that a sentence is a group of words that conveys a complete thought. They grasp the idea that sentences are essential for expressing ideas and information effectively.

2. Types of Sentences: Students are introduced to different types of sentences:
– *Declarative Sentences:* Statements that provide information.
– *Interrogative Sentences:* Questions that seek information.
– *Imperative Sentences:* Commands or requests.
– *Exclamatory Sentences:* Expressions of strong emotions or excitement.

3. Subjects and Predicates: Students learn about the two main components of a sentence:
– *Subject:* The part of the sentence that tells whom or what the sentence is about.
– *Predicate:* The part of the sentence that provides information about the subject, including the action or description.

4. Sentence Structure: Students explore the structure of a sentence, which includes the arrangement of words and punctuation. They understand the importance of proper sentence structure in clear communication.

5. Punctuation: Students are introduced to basic punctuation marks like periods, question marks, and exclamation marks, which are used to end sentences appropriately.

Teaching Methods:

– Classroom discussions and interactive activities to engage students in understanding sentence types and structures.
– Reading exercises with different sentence types to practice recognition and usage.
– Writing exercises to create sentences with various types, subjects, and predicates.
– Quizzes and assessments to evaluate students’ comprehension and application of sentence concepts.


– Quizzes and tests assessing students’ ability to identify and create sentences of different types.
– Written assignments where students construct sentences based on prompts.
– Classroom participation and engagement during discussions and activities.

By the end of this theme, students should have a solid grasp of what sentences are, how they are structured, and their various types. This knowledge serves as a crucial foundation for further development of their language and communication skills.