Course Content
Theme 1: All About Computer.
Theme 2: More About Windows
Theme 3: More About Word
Theme 4: Tables in Word.
Theme 5: Objects and Slide Master in Power Point.
Theme 6: Animations, Transitions and Views in Power Point.
Theme 7: Introduction to Spreadsheets.
Theme 8: More Blocks in Scratch.
Theme 9: Algorithms and Flowcharts.
Theme 10: Communication on the Internet
Computer – 5
About Lesson

Course Summary: Theme 1 – All About Computer

In the first theme of our Class 5 Computer Course, “All About Computer,” students will embark on an exciting exploration of the fundamental aspects of computers and digital technology. This theme serves as a solid foundation for the entire course, providing a comprehensive understanding of the digital world. Here’s what students will learn:

1. Introduction to Computer Basics:
– Gain a clear understanding of what a computer is and how it functions.
– Explore the key components of a computer system, including hardware and software.

2. Computer Hardware:
– Dive into the fascinating world of computer hardware, examining the role of the CPU, RAM, hard drive, and other essential components.
– Learn how input and output devices facilitate interaction with the computer.

3. Software and Operating Systems:
– Discover the distinction between system software and application software.
– Explore popular operating systems and their significance in managing computer resources.

4. Basic Computer Operations:
– Master essential computer operations such as booting up, shutting down, and restarting.
– Navigate the graphical user interface and understand the desktop environment.

5. File Management:
– Learn to create, save, and organize files and folders effectively.
– Explore file properties, including file types and extensions.

6. Computer Safety and Digital Citizenship:
– Understand the importance of computer safety and responsible online behavior.
– Learn about password security, online etiquette, and protecting personal information.

By the end of Theme 1, students will have a strong grasp of computer fundamentals, enabling them to use technology confidently, explore other themes in the course, and prepare for their digital journey with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age.