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Theme 01: Periodic Properties and Variations of Properties (Physical and Chemical)
Theme 02: Chemical Bonding
Theme 03: Acids, Bases and Salts
Theme 04: Analytical Chemistry (Uses of Ammonium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide)
Theme 05: Mole Concept and Stoichiometry
Theme 06: Electrolysis
Theme 07: Metallurgy
Theme 08; Study of Compound Hydrogen Chloride
Theme 09: Study of Compound-Ammonia
Theme 10. Study of Compound-Nitric Acid
Theme 11: Study of Compound-Sulphuric Acid
Theme 12: Organic Chemistry
Theme 13: Practical Chemistry
ICSE Chemistry – 10
About Lesson

Welcome to the captivating world of chemistry, where we delve into the theme of “Study of Compound – Sulphuric Acid” in our Class 10 Chemistry course. This theme is a fascinating journey into the properties, uses, and synthesis of one of the most vital and versatile compounds in the chemical world: Sulphuric Acid.

Theme 11: Study of Compound – Sulphuric Acid

– Introduction to Sulphuric Acid: We’ll begin by understanding the significance of sulphuric acid in various industries, its chemical composition, and its essential role in chemical processes.

– Chemical Properties: Explore the chemical properties of sulphuric acid, including its strong acidic nature, reactions with metals, non-metals, and its behavior as a dehydrating agent.

– Physical Properties: Investigate the physical properties of sulphuric acid, such as its appearance, density, and boiling point.

– Concentration of Sulphuric Acid: Learn how to measure and express the concentration of sulphuric acid using various techniques, including molarity.

– Uses of Sulphuric Acid: Discover the wide-ranging applications of sulphuric acid in industries like chemicals, fertilizers, and batteries. Understand its role in laboratory experiments and as a catalyst.

– Safety Measures: Explore the safety precautions and handling guidelines necessary when working with concentrated acids like sulphuric acid.

– Synthesis of Sulphuric Acid: Gain insights into the industrial preparation of sulphuric acid through the contact process. Understand the reaction mechanisms and the significance of each step.

– Environmental Impact: Learn about the environmental implications of sulphuric acid production and its role in acid rain formation.

Throughout this theme, we will not only study the chemical and physical properties of sulphuric acid but also appreciate its industrial significance and the precautions required when working with this powerful compound. Sulphuric acid is a versatile substance with a multitude of applications, and its study will broaden your understanding of the role of chemistry in our daily lives.

Join us in this educational journey as we explore the intricate world of sulphuric acid in Class 10 Chemistry.

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