ICSE Biology – 8

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ICSE Biology Class 8  content are available at ADMIRE to help you keep up your exam scores with timely revision.

Learn about reproduction in plants and animals with the correct diagrams. Score marks in objective-type questions by going through our MCQs. Benefit from elaborate explanations of Biology concepts in our Most Important Questions and get prepared to score high marks in long answer questions. After you are ready, take the ICSE Class 8 Biology practice tests. These assessment tests will guide you by indicating the topics that you are weak in and in which you can improve.

Course Introduction for Class 8 Biology

Welcome to the captivating world of biology, where we will explore a wide range of topics that dive deep into the natural world, from the smallest organisms to complex ecosystems. Let’s embark on this fascinating journey, and here’s a glimpse of what we will cover in this class:

1. Transport of Food and Minerals in Plants:
– Explore how plants absorb water and minerals, and the intricate processes involved in absorption.
– Learn about the conduction of water and minerals within plants, leading to the ascent of sap.
– Understand the transportation system in plants and their nutrient requirements.

2. Reproduction in Plants:
– Discover the various methods of reproduction in plants, including asexual and sexual.
– Delve into vegetative reproduction, both natural and artificial, and understand their advantages and disadvantages.
– Learn about sexual reproduction in flowering plants, involving pollination, fertilization, and the formation of seeds and fruits.

3. Reproduction in Animals:
– Explore asexual and sexual reproduction in animals, and understand the different strategies used in the animal kingdom.
– Examine the fascinating process of reproduction in humans.

4. Ecosystem:
– Uncover the intricate world of ecosystems, understanding their components and the interdependence between organisms.
– Explore the socio-cultural environment and its impact on ecosystems, with a special focus on forests.

5. Endocrine System:
– Learn about the glands in the human body and their role in regulating various bodily functions.
– Explore the human endocrine system, including the changes that occur during adolescence.

6. Circulatory System:
– Discover the circulatory system and the role of blood, the human heart, and blood vessels in transporting vital substances throughout the body.
– Understand blood circulation, blood pressure, heartbeat, and pulse, and learn about common heart disorders and the lymphatic system.

7. Nervous System:
– Explore different types of coordination in the body and the nervous system’s role as the body’s control center.
– Dive into the components of the nervous system, including the central nervous system (CNS), reflex actions, and the peripheral nervous system.

8. Health & Hygiene:
– Learn about diseases, how they are transmitted, and methods for disease prevention.
– Understand the harmful effects of certain substances and gain essential knowledge about first aid.

9. Food Production and Management:
– Discover the role of bacteria and fungi in the food industry and their importance in food production.
– Explore agriculture, crop classification, organic farming, horticulture, and the significance of useful plants and animals.

This course will take you on a comprehensive journey through the fascinating world of biology, from the processes that keep plants and animals thriving to the intricate systems that govern our bodies and the ecosystems that surround us. Get ready to dive into the diverse and interconnected world of biology!

In addition, our study portal has a ‘Question and Answer’ section where you can find answers to doubts posted by other ICSE Class 8 students. You can even ask for exam writing tips from experts on our e-learning portal and prepare to score more in your Biology exams.

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What Will You Learn?

  • It compliments different subjects, such as Physics, Math.
  • It gives you a challenge and opens up a new learning opportunity
  • Biology can help stimulate and challenge you academically.
  • Science is a constantly evolving field.
  • By the end of this course you will have received a thorough preparation in Biology.

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