Science – Level 3

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About Course

The ADMIRE Science for Upper Nursery Kids course allows students to learn about the natural world around them and discover the connection that all living and non living things have with each other. Children will learn about various topics that will give them a better understanding of things like plants, animals, matter, and energy, just to name a few.

All science courses are intended to allow individuals to understand the relationships that science, technology, and society share in our everyday world. Each subject uses laboratory, classroom, and technology activities to illustrate the nature of science and how scientific knowledge evolves.

Course Summary: Upper Nursery Science

1) Paws & Wings
– Introduction to animals with paws and wings
– Understanding the characteristics and functions of paws and wings
– Exploring different animals with these features
– Basic awareness of animal diversity

2) Our Beautiful Earth
– Appreciating the beauty of the Earth
– Learning about different landscapes and environments
– Understanding the importance of taking care of the environment
– Introduction to basic concepts of conservation

3) The World Around Us
– Observing and exploring the immediate surroundings
– Recognizing various elements in the environment
– Basic understanding of the interconnectedness of living and non-living things

4) Types of Plants
– Introduction to different types of plants
– Learning about the characteristics of trees, shrubs, and herbs
– Recognizing the diversity of plant life

5) Plants Grow from Seeds
– Understanding the life cycle of plants
– Observing the germination process
– Planting seeds and watching them grow

6) Food from Plants
– Recognizing plants as a source of food
– Identifying different plant-based foods
– Understanding the concept of a balanced diet

7) Knowing My Body
– Exploring the human body and its parts
– Learning about the basic functions of body organs
– Promoting body awareness and self-care

8) Meal Time
– Understanding the importance of meals
– Exploring different types of meals
– Basic table manners and hygiene practices during meals

9) Homes and Clothes
– Recognizing different types of homes
– Understanding the purpose of clothes
– Exploring the materials used in making clothes

10) Health = Happiness
– Emphasizing the connection between health and well-being
– Promoting healthy habits and practices
– Understanding the role of exercise, sleep, and hygiene in maintaining good health

11) The Sun, Moon, and the Stars
– Introduction to celestial bodies
– Learning about the sun, moon, and stars
– Basic awareness of day and night cycles

12) Nature Gives Us Water
– Understanding the importance of water
– Learning about the water cycle
– Exploring the sources of water and the need for conservation

Throughout the course, hands-on activities, interactive sessions, and age-appropriate demonstrations will be used to engage students in the learning process. The goal is to foster a sense of curiosity, appreciation for the natural world, and the development of basic scientific skills.

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What Will You Learn?

  • To develop scientific vocabulary and enhance student
  • comprehension of written scientific material from a variety of sources.
  • To increase student ability to solve scientific problems.
  • To enhance student scientific inquiry skills through
  • conducting scientific experiments and participating in scientific activities.
  • To increase student understanding of basic scientific concepts.
  • To heighten student awareness of scientific issues affecting their lives and increase their interest in science.

Course Content

Theme- 1) Paws & wings

Theme- 2) Our Beautiful Earth

Theme- 3) The world around us

Theme- 4) Types of plants

Theme- 5) Plants grow from seeds

Theme- 6) Food form plants

Theme- 7) Knowing my body

Theme- 8) Meal time

Theme- 9) Homes and Clothes

Theme- 10) Health= Happiness

Theme- 11) The sun, moon and the stars

Theme- 12) Nature gives us water

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