Mathematics – 7

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About Course

This is an introductory course for our youngest math wizards where in engaging and interactive form students explore the concepts of mathematics. Our students enjoy participation in creative activities, where they learn to count, compare, classify, solve problems, and have lots of fun along the way.
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ADMIRE offers small classes for students in grades Nursery through high school. In most cases students attend classes that correspond to their grade at school.  However, math skills and preparation can vary significantly, and it is important to match the student’s ability with an appropriate level of challenge.

Welcome to the fascinating world of Class 6 Mathematics! In this course, we will embark on an exciting journey through a diverse range of mathematical themes. Mathematics is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding patterns, solving problems, and making sense of the world around us. Let’s dive into the incredible themes we’ll be exploring this year.

Theme 01: Integers
Our journey begins with the world of integers—both positive and negative numbers. We’ll learn to perform operations, understand their significance, and use them in various real-world situations.

Theme 02: Rational Numbers
We’ll delve into the realm of rational numbers, including fractions and decimals, and explore how these numbers play a crucial role in everyday life and mathematical operations.

Theme 03: Decimals
Decimals are everywhere. We’ll master decimal numbers, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These skills will be handy for many real-life applications.

Theme 04: Fractions
Fractions are essential in everyday life and mathematics. We’ll work with fractions, understand their operations, and apply them in problem-solving.

Theme 05: Exponents
Exponents are powerful tools. We’ll explore how they simplify large and small numbers and learn to work with them efficiently.

Theme 06: Sets
Sets are the foundation of many mathematical concepts. We’ll understand how to classify and work with sets of numbers and objects.

Theme 07: Ratio and Proportion
Ratio and proportion are fundamental concepts that apply to various scenarios. We’ll master the art of comparing and scaling in this theme.

Theme 08: Percentage
Percentage is a vital concept in everyday life. We will explore its applications and understand how to work with percentages.

Theme 09: Profit, Loss, and Discount
Understanding finances is crucial. We’ll dive into profit, loss, and discounts, equipping you with financial literacy skills.

Theme 10: Simple Interest
Money matters! We’ll learn about simple interest, a fundamental concept for financial calculations.

Theme 11: Speed, Distance, and Time
This theme deals with the real-world applications of mathematics. We’ll learn how to calculate speed, distance, and time, which is vital for many scenarios.

Theme 12: Algebraic Expressions
Algebra is where we start connecting various mathematical concepts. We’ll work with algebraic expressions and understand how they represent relationships.

Theme 13: Linear Equations
Linear equations are the building blocks of algebra. We’ll learn to solve and work with these equations.

Theme 14: Linear Inequations
Inequalities introduce a new dimension to equations. We’ll master linear inequations, equipping you with problem-solving skills.

Theme 15: Understanding Shapes
Geometry is all about shapes and their properties. We’ll explore different types of shapes and their characteristics.

Theme 16: Properties of Triangles
Triangles are fundamental shapes in geometry. We’ll learn about their properties and how to work with them.

Theme 17: Symmetry
Symmetry is all around us. We’ll learn how to identify and work with symmetrical shapes.

Theme 18: Representation of 3-D in 2-D
This theme bridges the gap between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representations, a crucial skill in geometry.

Theme 19: Congruent Triangles
Congruence in triangles is a fascinating concept. We’ll explore the conditions for triangle congruence.

Theme 20: Construction
Learn the art of construction by creating various geometric figures accurately.

Theme 21: Perimeter and Area of Polygon
Calculate the perimeters and areas of polygons in this theme, which has practical applications in real life.

Theme 22: Circumference and Area of a Circle
Explore the world of circles, including their circumference and area.

Theme 23: Collection and Organisation of Data
Statistics is an essential part of mathematics. We’ll delve into how to collect and organize data effectively.

Theme 24: Probability
Probability is a mathematical tool that helps us understand uncertainty. We’ll learn to calculate and work with probabilities.

Get ready to embark on an exciting mathematical adventure. By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a deeper understanding of the beauty and practicality of mathematics. Welcome to Class 6 Mathematics!

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What Will You Learn?

  • To encourage logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and independent learning.
  • Our course motivates students to excel in their regular math classes by building their confidence and understanding of math concepts.
  • Advanced students are challenged beyond their experience in traditional classroom settings.
  • For students who are struggling in the regular classroom, we help them develop skills and build confidence so that they no longer look at math as a difficult subject.

Course Content

Theme 01: Integers.

Theme 02: Rational Numbers.

Theme 03: Decimals.

Theme 04: Fractions.

Theme 05: Exponents.

Theme 06: Sets.

Theme 07: Ratio and Proportion.

Theme 08: Percentage.

Theme 09: Profit, Loss and Discount.

Theme 10: Simple Interest

Theme 11: Speed, Distance and Time

Theme 12: Algebraic Expressions.

Theme 13: Linear Equations..

Theme 14: Linear Inequations

Theme 15: Understanding Shapes

Theme 16: Properties of Triangles.

Theme 17: Symmetry.

Theme 18: Representation of 3-D in 2-D.

Theme 19: Congruent Triangles.

Theme 20: Construction.

Theme 21: Perimeter and Area of Polygon.

Theme 23: Collection and Organisation of Data.

Theme 24: Probability.

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