Course Content
Theme 01: Number System.
Theme 02: Integers.
Theme 03: Sets
Theme 04: Fractions
Theme 05: Decimals.
Theme 06: Factors and Multiples.
Theme 07: Ratio and Proportion.
Theme 08: Percentage, Speed, Distance and Time.
Theme 09: Algebraic Expressions And Linear Equation.
Theme 10: Fundamental Concepts of Geometry.
Theme 11: Angles.
Theme 12: Triangles.
Theme 13: Circle And Quadrilaterals.
Theme 14: Constructions.
Theme 15: Symmetry.
Theme 16: Perimeter and Area.
Theme 17: Statistics.
Mathematics – 6
About Lesson

Course Introduction for Class 6 Math – Theme 06: Factors and Multiples

Welcome to an exciting mathematical adventure in Theme 06: Factors and Multiples! In this class, we will dive into the fascinating world of numbers, discovering how they are interconnected and how they play a crucial role in various mathematical concepts. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to explore in this theme:

1. What are Factors and Multiples?
– We’ll start by understanding the fundamental concepts of factors and multiples and how they relate to numbers.

2. Finding Factors:
– Learn how to identify the factors of a number and explore various methods for finding them.

3. Common Factors:
– Discover the concept of common factors and how they apply to different numbers.

4. Finding Multiples:
– Delve into the concept of multiples and learn how to find the multiples of a given number.

5. Common Multiples:
– Explore common multiples and their significance in solving mathematical problems.

6. Prime and Composite Numbers:
– Understand what prime and composite numbers are and how to differentiate between them.

7. Prime Factorization:
– Dive into prime factorization, a powerful tool for understanding the structure of numbers.

8. Understanding the Least Common Multiple (LCM):
– Explore the concept of the LCM and how it relates to common multiples.

9. Exploring the Greatest Common Factor (GCF):
– Learn about the GCF and its role in finding common factors.

10. Real-Life Applications:
– Discover how factors and multiples are applied in real-world situations, from simplifying fractions to solving everyday problems.

This course will equip you with the knowledge and problem-solving skills to manipulate numbers and tackle mathematical challenges with confidence. Get ready to explore the exciting world of factors and multiples, where numbers come alive, revealing their patterns and relationships. Let’s dive into the world of mathematics!