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Theme 01: The First War of Independence in 1857
Theme 02: Growth of Nationalism
Theme 04: Partition of Bengal.
Theme 05: Rise of Assertive Nationalism
Theme 06: The Muslim League and the Lucknow Pact
Theme 07: Mahatma Gandhi and the National Movement
Theme 08: Quit India Movement
Theme 09: Forward Bloc and the Indian National Army
Theme 10: Independence and Partition of India
Theme 11: The First World War
Theme 12: Rise of Dictatorships
Theme 13: The Second World War
Theme 14: United Nations Organisation
Theme 15: Major Agencies of the United Nations
Theme 16: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Theme 17: Non-Aligned Movement
History & Civics – 10
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In Class 9 ICSE Civics, students learn about the Union Executive, focusing on the roles of the President and Vice-President of India. Here’s a summary:

1. President of India
– Head of the Indian State and the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces.
– Elected by an Electoral College consisting of elected members of both houses of Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies of States.
– Executes laws, appoints important officials, and represents India internationally.

2. Vice-President of India:
– Serves as the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha.
– Acts as President in case of a vacancy in the office of the President or when the President is unable to perform duties due to absence, illness, or any other cause.

3. **Functions of the Union Executive:
– Formulation and execution of national policies.
– Administration of laws made by Parliament.
– Conduct of foreign affairs.
– Defense and security of the country.

4. Relationship between the President and the Vice-President:
– The Vice-President supports the President in the discharge of his/her functions.
– The Vice-President acts as the President when the latter is unable to perform duties.

5. **Significance**:
– The Union Executive plays a crucial role in the governance of India by ensuring the smooth functioning of the government and the implementation of policies.

This summary covers the basic concepts related to the Union Executive, focusing on the President and Vice-President, as taught in Class 9 ICSE Civics.

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