Geography – 8

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Welcome to Class 8 Geography! In this course, we will embark on an exciting journey to explore the diverse geographical features and the intricate web of human and natural interactions that shape our world. Our course is divided into several fascinating themes that will help you understand the complexities of our planet. Let’s dive right in.

Theme 01: Representation of Geographical Features
In this theme, we will start by understanding topographical maps. These maps are an essential tool for representing geographical features, especially the relief of the land. We’ll learn how landforms are depicted and explore contour cross-sections using the Toposheet No. 45 D/7.

Theme 02: Population Dynamics
Population is a key aspect of geography. We will delve into population dynamics, discussing how populations are distributed, their density, and the factors influencing this distribution. We’ll look at physical, economic, and cultural factors, population growth, and the composition of populations.

Theme 03: Migration
Migration is a critical component of human geography. We’ll explore the push and pull factors driving people to move, various modes of migration, the causes, and the consequences of migration. Urbanization and the concept of Smart Cities will also be discussed.

Theme 04: Urbanization
Urbanization is the transformation of rural areas into urban ones. We will explore the process of urbanization and its impacts on society and the environment.

Theme 05: Natural and Man-made Disasters
Natural and man-made disasters can have significant geographical consequences. We’ll study different types of disasters, their effects, disaster management, and the role of government and organizations like the National Institute of Disaster Management. We’ll also delve into a case study on floods in Assam.

Theme 06: Asia: The Largest Continent
Asia is a vast continent with rich diversity. We’ll examine its political divisions, location in the world, and the contrasts and extremes it offers. We’ll also discuss the political division of Asia.

Theme 07: Asia: Physical Features
Asia’s physical features are remarkable. We’ll explore its geography, including mountains, rivers, and other natural phenomena that define the continent.

Theme 08: Asia: Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Climate plays a significant role in shaping regions. We’ll discuss Asia’s climate, rainfall distribution, and climatic types. Additionally, we’ll explore the natural regions of Asia, including its diverse vegetation and wildlife.

Theme 09: India: Geographical Features
Moving closer to home, we’ll study India’s location, extent, and its political divisions.

Theme 10: India: Physical Features
India is a land of diverse landscapes. We’ll explore the great northern mountains, plains, the peninsular plateau, the Indian desert, coastal plains, and the Eastern and Western Ghats. We’ll also discuss the island groups surrounding India.

Theme 11: India: Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
India boasts a wide range of natural vegetation and wildlife. We’ll learn about the various types of natural vegetation and the importance of forests in India. Wildlife and wildlife protection will also be explored.

Theme 12: India: Climate
India’s climate is influenced by several factors. We’ll discuss weather, climate, and the factors that affect India’s climate. We’ll also explore the different seasons in India.

Theme 13: India: Human Resources
Human resources are a vital aspect of India’s geography. We’ll delve into the types of human resources, the population in India, and its composition.

Get ready to explore the diverse and fascinating world of geography in Class 8. By the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the world’s geographical features and the dynamic interactions that shape our planet. So, let’s get started on this exciting journey of discovery and exploration!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that focus on how individuals behave within society.
  • Careers in social work and economics are among some of the fastest-growing industries in India.
  • Social sciences give us a better understanding of how to create more inclusive and effective community.
  • The course offers the child with a variety of important lessons about Plants, Water, Air, Soil, Human Body, Clothes, School, Cultural Environment etc..
  • The subject helps improve the child’s awareness about the environment around.
  • Learning made simple and fun by experts at ADMIRE.
  • Interactive learning experience.

Course Content

Theme 1: Representation of Geographical Features

Theme 02: Population Dynamics

Theme 03: Migration

Theme 04: Urbanisation

Theme 05: Natural and Man-made Disasters

Theme 06: Asia: The Largest Continent

Theme 07 : Asia: Physical Features

Themes 08: Asia:Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Theme 09: India: Geographical Features

Theme 10: India: Physical Features

Theme 13: India: Human Resources

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