Geography – 7

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Welcome to the Class 7 Geography course, where we’ll explore various fascinating themes that provide insights into the world’s geographical features and regions. In this course, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the earth’s surface, its atmosphere, weather, climate, natural resources, and the diverse continents that make up our planet. Let’s dive into the key themes of this course:

Theme 01: Representation of Geographical Features

  • Learn how to read and interpret topographical maps.
  • Understand the significance of colors and symbols on maps.
  • Explore the concept of scale in map reading.
  • Familiarize yourself with conventional symbols used on maps for various features.

Theme 02: Atmosphere

  • Discover the composition and layers of Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Learn about the importance of the atmosphere for life on Earth.
  • Explore the greenhouse effect and its role in global warming.
  • Understand the causes and consequences of global warming and ways to mitigate it.

Theme 03: Weather and Climate

  • Differentiate between weather and climate.
  • Study the elements of weather and instruments used to measure them.
  • Investigate isohyets and isotherms for climate analysis.

Theme 04: Weathering and Soil Formation

  • Explore the different types of rocks.
  • Understand the processes of weathering and its types.
  • Examine the formation of soil and its profile.
  • Recognize the importance of soil conservation and various methods to achieve it.

Theme 05: Industries

  • Classify industries and learn about their location factors.
  • Identify industrial regions and significant industries.
  • Explore the environmental issues related to industries and preventive measures.

Theme 06: Energy and Power Resources

  • Investigate various energy resources, including renewable and non-renewable sources.
  • Understand the importance of energy conservation.

Themes 07, 08, 09, and 10

  • Explore the continents of Europe, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.
  • Discover their geographical locations, political divisions, and major physical features.
  • Gain insights into the unique aspects of life in these diverse regions.

Throughout this course, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in activities, conduct experiments, and delve into case studies that deepen your understanding of geography. By the end of this course, you’ll have a well-rounded knowledge of the world’s geographical diversity, from the Earth’s atmosphere to the continents that make our planet such a rich and varied place. Get ready to embark on this exciting geographical journey!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that focus on how individuals behave within society.
  • Careers in social work and economics are among some of the fastest-growing industries in India.
  • Social sciences give us a better understanding of how to create more inclusive and effective community.
  • The course offers the child with a variety of important lessons about Plants, Water, Air, Soil, Human Body, Clothes, School, Cultural Environment etc..
  • The subject helps improve the child’s awareness about the environment around.
  • Learning made simple and fun by experts at ADMIRE.
  • Interactive learning experience.

Course Content

Theme 02: Atmosphere

Theme 03: Weather and Climate

Theme 04: Weathering And Soil Formation

Theme 05: Industries

Theme 07: Europe

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