Geography – 6

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Welcome to Class-6 Geography! This academic year, we will embark on a fascinating journey to explore the diverse aspects of our world through the lens of geography. The course is divided into four engaging units, each offering a unique perspective on our planet.

Unit-1: Practical Geography

1.1 Globes and Maps:
Discover the tools that geographers use to represent the Earth. Understand the significance of globes and maps in visualizing the world’s features and how they help us navigate our surroundings.

1.2 Types of Maps:
Explore different types of maps and their purposes. From political maps to topographic maps, delve into the ways maps provide valuable information about the Earth’s surface.

Unit-2: Physical Geography

2.1 Mountains and Valleys:
Embark on a journey to the Earth’s majestic peaks and deep valleys. Learn about the formation, features, and importance of mountains and valleys in shaping our planet’s landscape.

2.2 Plateaus and Plains:
Uncover the secrets of plateaus and plains. Understand how these geographical features contribute to the diversity of our environments and influence human activities.

2.3 Water Bodies of the Earth:
Dive into the world of water bodies—oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. Explore the significance of water in shaping the Earth’s surface and sustaining life.

Unit-3: Human and Economic Geography

3.1 Agriculture:
Gain insights into the fundamental practice that sustains civilizations—agriculture. Understand the various methods of farming and the role agriculture plays in our daily lives.

3.2 Types of Crops:
Explore the rich variety of crops cultivated around the world. Learn about the factors influencing crop selection and the importance of crop diversity for global food security.

3.3 Minerals:
Dig into the Earth’s treasure troves—minerals. Understand the types of minerals, their uses, and their significance in supporting various industries.

Unit-4: Regional Geography

4.1 North America: Political Divisions:
Navigate through the political landscape of North America. Explore the countries, regions, and boundaries that shape this continent.

4.2 North America: Physical Geography:
Embark on a virtual tour of North America’s diverse physical features. From mountains to plains, discover the geographical wonders of this continent.

4.3 Lumber Industry in Canada:
Zoom in on Canada’s lumber industry. Learn about its economic importance, environmental impact, and the role it plays in shaping the country’s development.

4.4 South America: Political Divisions:
Explore the geopolitical boundaries of South America. Understand how political divisions shape the nations and regions of this vibrant continent.

4.5 South America: Physical Geography:
Journey through the diverse landscapes of South America. From the Amazon rainforest to the Andes mountains, discover the geographical wonders that define this continent.

4.6 Life in the Amazon Basin:
Delve into the unique ecosystems and cultures of the Amazon Basin. Explore the challenges and opportunities faced by those living in this ecologically rich region.

Get ready for an exciting year of exploration, discovery, and understanding the world around us. Geography is not just about maps; it’s about unraveling the stories written on the Earth’s surface. Let the adventure begin!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that focus on how individuals behave within society.
  • Careers in social work and economics are among some of the fastest-growing industries in India.
  • Social sciences give us a better understanding of how to create more inclusive and effective community.
  • The course offers the child with a variety of important lessons about Plants, Water, Air, Soil, Human Body, Clothes, School, Cultural Environment etc..
  • The subject helps improve the child’s awareness about the environment around.
  • Learning made simple and fun by experts at ADMIRE.
  • Interactive learning experience.

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