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Welcome to Class-10 Geography! This academic year, our journey takes us through a diverse and insightful exploration of the geographical facets of India. Let’s delve into the exciting themes that will shape our understanding of the country’s landscapes, resources, and human activities.

Theme 01: Interpretation of Topographical Maps

Uncover the art of reading and interpreting topographical maps. Learn to decipher elevation, landforms, and other crucial features that make these maps essential tools for understanding the lay of the land.

Theme 02: Climate and Soils of India

Explore the varied climates and soils that define India’s agricultural and ecological diversity. Understand the factors influencing weather patterns and soil characteristics across different regions.

Theme 03: Natural Vegetation and Water Resources of India

Dive into the lush landscapes of India. Study the natural vegetation that adorns our country and the intricate network of water resources that sustains life.

Theme 04: Mineral and Energy Resources of India

Embark on a journey beneath the surface to discover India’s wealth in minerals and energy resources. Understand their distribution, significance, and the impact on industrial and economic development.

Theme 05: Types of Agriculture in India

Delve into the agrarian landscape of India. Explore the various types of agriculture practiced, from traditional methods to modern techniques, and their regional significance.

Theme 06: Food Crops of India

Savor the diversity of food crops that flourish across the Indian subcontinent. Learn about staple crops, their cultivation, and their importance in the nation’s food security.

Theme 07: Commercial Crops of India

Navigate through the fields of cash crops that drive India’s economy. Understand the cultivation practices and economic importance of commercial crops.

Theme 08: Overview of Industries of India

Gain a bird’s-eye view of India’s industrial landscape. Explore the sectors that drive the nation’s economic growth and their contributions to employment and development.

Theme 09: Mineral-Based Industries in India

Dig into the foundations of India’s mineral-based industries. Understand the extraction, processing, and utilization of minerals in various industrial processes.

Theme 10: Agro-Based Industries in India

Explore the symbiotic relationship between agriculture and industries. Study the agro-based industries that process raw agricultural materials into valuable products.

Theme 11: Transport in India

Navigate the extensive network of transportation that connects the vast expanse of India. Explore the modes of transport and their role in facilitating trade and communication.

Theme 12: Waste Management-I, II

Confront the challenges of waste management in India. Explore sustainable practices and technologies that aim to address environmental concerns related to waste.

Get ready for a dynamic and engaging academic year as we unravel the geographical tapestry of India, from its mountainous terrains to its bustling industries. Geography is not just a subject; it’s a journey of discovery and understanding the world around us. Let’s embark on this adventure together!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that focus on how individuals behave within society.
  • Careers in social work and economics are among some of the fastest-growing industries in India.
  • Social sciences give us a better understanding of how to create more inclusive and effective community.
  • The course offers the child with a variety of important lessons about Plants, Water, Air, Soil, Human Body, Clothes, School, Cultural Environment etc..
  • The subject helps improve the child’s awareness about the environment around.
  • Learning made simple and fun by experts at ADMIRE.
  • Interactive learning experience.

Course Content

Theme- 01: Interpretation of Topographical Maps.

Theme- 02: Climate and Soils of India.

Theme- 03: Natural Vegetation and Water Resources of India.

Theme- 04: Mineral and Energy Resources of India.

Theme- 05:Types of Agriculture in India.

Theme- 06: Food Crops of India.

Theme- 07: Commercial Crops of India.

Theme- 08: Overview of Industries of India.

Theme- 09: Mineral-Based Industries in India.

Theme- 10: Agro-Based Industries in India.

Theme- 11: Transport in India.

Theme- 12: Waste Management-I, II

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